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Living, Stitching and Dog-wrangling in the Deep South

When Huckleberry Finn flees from his brutal father, he meets up with an old friend, the slave Jim, who is also running away.  Together, they travel by raft down the Mississippi, tumbling in and out of amazing adventures … and experience some of the strange ways of people in the Deep South.

~ Puffin Classics, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    I’ve always thought blogs were so self-indulgent, but I guess I can blab about myself on the web as easily as anybody else.  Who am I, and why should you care what I have to say?  I’m an ex-hippie (though it might be said that, as there’s no such thing as an ex-Marine, there’s no such thing as an ex-hippie) who grew up on the front steps of the Civil Rights movement in Montgomery, Alabama; a wild child who’s grown into the spit ‘n’ image of my paternal grandmother; a former journalist and editor; a wife, mother and dog-lover; a dyed-redhead; and a rabid knitter and crocheter.

My grandmother Rose, the one I look like, always had a deep freeze full of cakes and pies, and even in the days before microwaves she could lay out a full spread if you dropped in on a moment’s notice.  Her little house was filled with all sorts of ticky-tacky ~ ceramics, hooked rugs and doilies ~ oh, the doilies.  They were everywhere.  Little Rose (she was only about 4’10) crocheted all the time\, and when she died in her early 90s, she was buried in a pink metallic child’s casket, wearing a pink dress and holding her crochet hook and a bit of work she hadn’t finished.

Now that I look like my grandmother, I’ve taken up her hobby along with knitting, and ~ like everything else I do ~ I overdo.  My daughter said to me recently, “Mom, do you knit all the time?”  Well, I wouldn’t knit during a funeral or in church, but I have made the doctor wait while I finish a row.

Among other things, I love to knit dog sweaters, so I’ll be posting a few free patterns as well as some more you can buy.  Even some finished sweaters if you’re not on the needle yourself.  There’ll be more, too, since the dog sweater thing isn’t all I do. Stay tuned.


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